We’ve had some excellent news travelers and want to be travelers COVID travel restrictions continue to drop!

As of July 8th Hawaii is allowing all travelers VACCINATED in the United States (and territories) to travel without the pre-travel COVID test or any quarantine!  It’s another step in returning to normal.

Now you will need to upload proof of vaccination to the Hawaii Safe Travels Website and keep a physical card on you but hopefully this will alleviate some of the travel stress. As well as this news COVID travel restrictions continue to drop around the islands including restaurants being allowed to move up to 75% capacity and increasing numbers of people allowed to gather!

If you are not vaccinated by the time of your trip you will still need to take the test and follow those COVID procedures.

The goal is once Hawaii reaches 70% vaccinated on the island for all travel restrictions to drop. Currently that number is around 57%…. we are so close!