Experience the ideal “in-town” setting for your Kailua-Kona visit, your gateway to Hawaii’s Big Island adventures!

Recharge in this well-appointed studio within walking distance of town, offering access to restaurants, beaches, and local shops. Guests can unwind by the shared pool, BBQ, and hot tub, fostering a tranquil atmosphere. Delight in garden views from the private top-floor screened lanai, amplified by tropical breezes and natural sounds. The studio boasts a cozy king-sized bed, a smart flat-screen TV, an AC unit, and a ceiling fan.

The studio-style kitchen is fully equipped with a large refrigerator, microwave, and stove. Coin-operated laundry facilities are conveniently available on-site. Kailua Kona Getaway’s strategic location is near Kona International Airport and Kona Community Hospital.

Kailua Kona Getaway

Nearby Activities

For a dining gem away from the bustling Ali’i Drive try Jackie Rey’s


Looking for unique shops found only in Kona? Take a look at these boutiques.

Just a quarter-mile north of the resort lies Kahalu’u Beach Park, a snorkeler’s paradise with sea turtles and a vibrant coral reef, while Magic Sands Beach, a mere 2 miles away, beckons with its inviting surf.

Golf enthusiasts will relish the allure of the magnificent 18-hole golf course encircling the resort, blessed with captivating ocean views.

Boasting a prime location near beaches, snorkeling spots, scuba diving, parasailing, dolphin and whale watching tours, fishing opportunities, hiking trails, shopping venues, restaurants, and volcano tours, the Kona Coast Resort stands as the idyllic destination for your next Hawaiian adventure.

Additional condo amenities encompass free WiFi, an in-unit washer and dryer, complimentary reserved parking, a spacious lanai with lounge chairs and an outdoor table for four, and much more. Start planning your dream Hawaiian vacation today!

Kailua Kona Getaway


Check out more places that are available for your dates.



A walk along Ali’i Drive brings you into a vibrant Kailua-Kona shopping scene where local boutiques offer a unique glimpse into the essence of Hawaiian living. From charming home decor to stylish fashion and athletic gear, these four businesses stand out as must-visit destinations for locals and visitors alike.

Pilikana Boutique: 

Pilikana Boutique is a charming shop that specializes in Hawaiian-inspired home decor, artisanal crafts, and gifts. Visitors can browse through a curated collection of handmade treasures, including colorful textiles, ceramic pottery, and tropical-themed artwork, perfect for adding a touch of aloha to any living space.Inside image of Pueo Boutique

Pueo Boutique: 

Pueo Boutique offers a unique selection of clothing, accessories, and gifts that capture the essence of Hawaii’s island lifestyle. From stylish resort wear to Coco Moon baby and children’s clothing to locally-made jewelry, customers can find one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect the beauty and spirit of the Big Island at three locations in Kailua-Kona.

Big Island Running: 

Big Island Running is a must-visit destination for fitness enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers alike. With an extensive selection of athletic apparel, footwear, and accessories catered specifically to runners and active individuals, it’s the ultimate hub for those seeking gear that matches their passion. Whether you’re preparing for a marathon or embarking on a journey through Hawaii’s breathtaking trails, their expert staff is dedicated to assisting you in finding the perfect equipment for your next expedition.

Big Island Baby Gear:

Big Island Baby Gear is a family-owned shop in Kailua-Kona catering to traveling families and local parents. Conveniently located in the Aliʻi Gardens Marketplace, the store offers baby equipment rentals and sales for adventurous parents exploring the island with little ones in tow. Their inventory focuses on must-have travel gear to cover all lodging types and expeditions, ranging from hiking carriers to portable cribs, beach tents, toys, high chairs and more. They offer customizable rental packages tailored to any itinerary, while sales inventory rotates frequently to provide the latest safe and convenient gear options. With reasonable rates and delivery services 7 days a week!


Whether you’re seeking to adorn your home with island-inspired decor, update your wardrobe with stylish fashion, gear up for outdoor adventures, or ensure a comfortable journey with little ones in tow, these local businesses stand ready to exceed your expectations. 

Embrace the warmth of Hawaiian hospitality and craftsmanship as you explore these treasures, and carry with you the essence of aloha wherever your journey may lead. 

See more uniques experiences here.

Just outside the beating heart of downtown Kona, tucked away where the island whispers its secrets to the palm trees, lies a dining gem waiting to be discovered: Jackie Rey’s Kailua-Kona. Imagine this: you escape the bustling Ali’i Drive, leaving the souvenir shops and luau flyers behind. The trade winds brush your face, carrying the scent of plumeria and the distant tang of the sea. Then, nestled amidst vibrant flora, a splash of island color catches your eye.

Hawaii Sunset glowing through a surfboard

That’s Jackie Rey’s. A vibrant mosaic of turquoise and coral invites you in, promising a taste of the authentic Kona. Inside, the air hums with laughter and the aroma of garlic butter mingles with the sweet, smoky kiss of mesquite. Friendly faces, both local and traveler, gather around worn wooden tables, sharing stories and platters piled high with island bounty.

Culinary Paradise

Jackie Rey’s is no ordinary restaurant. It’s a celebration of the sea, where the freshest catch of the day meets the island’s culinary traditions in a delicious dance. Picture plates overflowing with succulent prawns bathed in coconut cream, their tails curled like tiny question marks. Or imagine tender kalua pork, slow-cooked in an underground imu oven, its smoky richness melting on your tongue. And don’t forget the pupu platters, bursting with an array of island flavors: poke glistening with sesame oil, crispy coconut shrimp, and sweet Maui onions glazed in teriyaki. I’ll just give one more shoutout about the food: Molokai Purple Mashed Potatoes. Delicious!

Hilo Location

If you find yourself in Hilo, stop at Jackie Rey’s Hilo location. Hilo takes a different culinary approach than its Kona counterpart, specializing in what they call “Island Fusion Cuisine.” This means you can expect a delightful blend of Hawaiian, Asian, and mainland American influences, all bursting with fresh, local ingredients.

Start your meal with a Hilo favorite, the Ahi Poke Nachos. Imagine crispy wonton chips piled high with chunks of ahi tuna marinated in a lip-tingling soy sauce, sesame oil, and ginger dressing. Avocado, pickled onions, and a dollop of creamy wasabi add textural and flavor contrasts that will have you reaching for another chip.

But Jackie Rey’s is more than just food. It’s an experience. The clinking of glasses as locals raise a toast to the setting sun, painting the sky in fiery hues. The strum of a ukulele in the corner, weaving tales of ancient voyagers and island spirits. It’s the infectious laughter ringing out, fueled by good food, good company, and the aloha spirit that permeates the very air.

So, if you find yourself in Kona, don’t just walk the well-trodden path. Seek out the hidden gem beyond the crowds. Let Jackie Rey’s Kailua-Kona introduce you to the true taste of the island, where every bite is a story, every laugh a shared aloha, and every meal an unforgettable memory.

Looking for more local food?

Yes, it is possible to take a day trip from Kona to Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, plan for a long day as the park is located on the eastern side of the Big Island, and Kona is on the western side. Many people fit VNP in midweek as the BIG DAY of driving in between beach and relaxing days. Depending on traffic and road conditions, the drive can take approximately 2.5 to 3 hours one way.

Alternatively, consider staying overnight in the Hilo area or near the national park if you have the flexibility. This would allow you more time to explore the park without the time constraints of a day trip.

Always check for any updates or advisories before embarking on your trip, as conditions and recommendations may change.

 Lava flowing down hillside

You can drive clockwise or counterclockwise around the island. I like to drive counterclockwise so the after-dark driving is through the middle on Saddle Road rather than the winding narrow Hwy 11/Mamalahoa Hwy. Fuel up with a quick breakfast at Kaya’s Coffee in Kealakekua before cruising southeast on Highway 11. The coffee is great and the food is delicious. Just in time for a bathroom break and a malasada, you’ll arrive at the famous Punulu’u Bake Shop.  

Be sure to pull over at the picturesque Punalu’u Black Sand Beach, where volcanic sand glistens against the turquoise ocean. There is a very good chance you’ll see some turtles feeding on the rocks or basking in the sun.

Upon arrival at Volcanoes National Park, your exploration begins at the Kilauea Visitor Center. Gather updates on volcanic activity and trail conditions, then embark on a scenic drive along Crater Rim Drive with stops at Steam Vents and Sulphur Banks.

Next, take a walk through the Thurston Lava Tube, a formed lava tunnel offering a glimpse into the heart of a volcano. Refuel with a picnic lunch within the park, enjoying the fresh air and stunning surroundings.

In the afternoon, take a drive down Chain of Craters Road, a mesmerizing journey through volcanic landscapes. Stop at various points of interest, like the Kilauea Iki Overlook, and consider a hike into the Kīlauea Iki Crater. It is a steep beginning and ending but for the experience of walking through a solidified lava lake, it’s worth it. 

Check the National Park Service for lava activity. If there is activity it is worth it to stya overnight in the area and come back after dark.  Watch molten lava bubbling into the lava lake after sunset. Another sight you will never forget. 

If you’re waiting for sunset to see the lava or want to eat before heading back to Kona, The Rim restaurant in Volcano House is a lovely choice. Before you sit down check out views of the crater and park and the cozy chairs by the fireplace.

Remember to check for updates on volcanic activity or road closures before your trip, and pack snacks, lots of water, and sunscreen, as services within the park are limited. Wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes, and don’t forget a light jacket for the cool evening air.

This itinerary is just a suggestion, and you can tailor it to your interests and available time. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a curious first-timer, a day trip to Volcanoes National Park from Kona promises an unforgettable experience filled with volcanic wonders and breathtaking beauty.

So, pack your bags, lace up your shoes, and get ready to embark on an adventure you’ll never forget!

Another stop on the Hilo side is Hawai’i Tropical Botanical Garden. Immerse yourself in the contrasts of the island by going from the lava lake to a tropical forest

Eco-Adventures in Kona and the Big Island beckon with the allure of volcanic landscapes, lush rainforests, and vibrant coral reefs. Beyond the postcard beauty, the region is increasingly embracing ecotourism, a transformative shift towards responsible exploration and the conservation of the islands’ natural splendor. This movement represents a recognition of the delicate balance between catering to the growing tourism industry and preserving the unique ecosystems that define the region. Travelers are drawn to Eco-Adventures in Kona and the Big Island, seeking to explore responsibly and contribute to the sustainability of these captivating environments.


Fourspot Butterflyfish

Ecotourism Activities:

  • KapohoKine Adventures:
    • This adventure company offers guided hikes, kayak tours, and cultural experiences led by native guides.
    • Actively involved in conservation efforts, KapohoKine Adventures educates visitors on protecting the island’s ecosystems.
    • Travelers can engage in activities that foster a deeper connection with the local environment.
  • Hawaii Forest & Trail:
    • Explore diverse landscapes with knowledgeable guides who prioritize responsible tourism practices.
    • The company offers waterfall hikes, volcano tours, and snorkeling adventures, all designed to minimize environmental impact.
    • Participants gain insights into the island’s ecology and conservation efforts.
  • Kona Coffee Tours:
    • Visit small, sustainable coffee farms that prioritize organic practices and fair trade.
    • Learn about the island’s rich coffee culture while supporting local farmers.
    • Enjoy a cup of freshly brewed Kona coffee, experiencing the sustainable side of agriculture.


Malama Ka Aina painted on a lava rock wall

Responsible Tourist Tips:

  • Choose Reef-Safe Sunscreen:
    • When exploring the vibrant coral reefs surrounding the Big Island, it’s crucial to consider the impact of sunscreen on marine life. 
    • Opt for reef-safe sunscreen formulations to protect your skin without introducing harmful chemicals into the ocean. This small choice contributes to the well-being of the underwater ecosystems, ensuring that your visit leaves no trace and supports the ongoing efforts to maintain the health of the coral reefs.
    • Our Great Spots for Snorkeling in Hawai’i article has a link to great reef-safe sunscreens.
  • Minimize Waste:
    • Encourages travelers to use reusable water bottles, bags, and utensils to reduce single-use plastics.
    • Support businesses with recycling programs to contribute to waste reduction efforts.
  • Respect Cultural Sites:
    • Advises dressing modestly when visiting sacred places and seeking permission before taking photos.
    • Encourages learning basic Hawaiian phrases to show respect for the local culture.
  • Support Local Businesses:
    • Recommends opting for locally owned restaurants, shops, and tour operators to contribute directly to the community and preserve cultural traditions.
  • Leave No Trace:
    • Emphasizes the importance of packing out what you bring in and avoiding littering.
    • Encourages mindfulness towards wildlife and marine life, advocating against touching or removing coral.

Additional Tips:

  • Choose Direct Flights:
    • Suggests selecting direct flights to reduce carbon footprint compared to connecting flights.
  • Offset Carbon Emissions:
    • Recommends supporting renewable energy projects to offset travel emissions through various organizations.
  • Travel Slowly:
    • Encourages immersive exploration in each destination rather than rushing through multiple places.
    • This approach allows for a deeper appreciation of the local culture and environment.

Mālama ‘Āina

By following these ecotourism principles and embracing sustainable choices, travelers can enjoy an unforgettable and responsible vacation in Kona and the Big Island. The provided tips not only enhance the travel experience but also contribute to the preservation of the islands’ precious ecosystems. The Big Island’s shift towards ecotourism signifies a harmonious blend of exploration and conservation, where responsible tourism becomes a catalyst for the enduring beauty of this magical destination. 

Mahalo (thank you) for choosing responsible travel and helping to uphold the spirit of Aloha.

A Hawaiian getaway is a dream for many, but the allure of the islands often comes with a hefty price tag, prompting savvy travelers to explore alternative accommodation options. For cost-conscious choices, Hawai’i vacation home cost savings are a solid choice compared to traditional hotels. Let’s compare two options in  Kailua-Kona, where the comparison between renowned hotels and a 2-bed/2-bath fully equipped vacation home reveals surprising disparities in costs. We’ll also review additional considerations, highlighting the spaciousness, privacy, and unique amenities that make vacation rentals an enticing option. Join us on this exploration of how opting for a vacation home not only stretches your dollar further but also promises a more personalized and immersive Hawaiian experience.

Hawai’i vacation home cost savings

  • If, like many travelers, your first consideration is cost, let’s look at one cost comparison of a few brand name hotels vs a 2 bed/2 bath fully equipped vacation home both in Kailua-Kona. A simple search on a popular booking website gives us these results. 
  • Consider a vacation where four adults share a double queen hotel room during the first week of March. The price range is between $2493 and $4796, exclusive of taxes and fees. This also excludes the hotels in the $6000+ range for the week. 
  •  In contrast, opting for a 2-bed/2-bath fully equipped condo has a total price of $1884.
  • Remember, the booking sites won’t show you all the additional charges like taxes until the last step. A local vacation home rental company may also have additional discounts.


Other Considerations

  • More Space:
    • Vacation rentals often provide more square footage than hotel rooms, giving you ample space to move around comfortably.
    • This extra space is particularly beneficial for families with children who need room to play or for larger groups traveling together.
  • Privacy:
    • Vacation rentals offer a level of seclusion that hotels may not provide. You won’t have to worry about noisy neighbors in adjacent rooms or disruptions from hotel activities.
    • Enjoy the freedom of having the entire property to yourselves, allowing for a more intimate and private vacation experience.
  • Cost-Effectiveness:
    • Renting a vacation home can be more cost-effective, especially for longer stays or when traveling with a group. The ability to prepare your own meals in a fully-equipped kitchen can significantly reduce food expenses.
    • Many vacation rentals have laundry facilities, saving on additional costs related to laundry services or packing extra clothes.
  • Home-like Feel:
    • Vacation rentals often emulate a home-like atmosphere with living rooms, dining areas, and bedrooms, providing a sense of comfort and familiarity.
    • Enjoy the convenience of a fully furnished space, often including amenities like a TV, entertainment systems, and sometimes even books or board games.
  • Unique Amenities:
    • Vacation rentals frequently come with unique amenities that set them apart from hotels. This can include private pools, hot tubs, game rooms, and outdoor spaces for barbecues or relaxation.
    • Tailor your vacation experience by choosing a rental that aligns with your interests and preferences: a beachfront property, a cabin in the mountains, or a city loft.
  • Things to Consider:
    • Location: Ensure the vacation rental is conveniently located relative to your planned activities and attractions.
    • Booking Platforms: Use reputable vacation rental websites or agencies to secure your accommodation and read reviews from previous guests.
    • Communication: Establish clear communication with the property owner or manager for a smooth check-in/out process and to address any concerns during your stay.


  • Consider the nature of your trip, the size of your group, and your specific preferences.
  • Evaluate the overall costs, including hidden fees and cleaning charges.
  • Assess the level of service you desire, as hotels may offer amenities like daily housekeeping.
  • Balance the convenience of hotel services with the independence and unique experience of vacation rentals.

Ultimately, choosing between a vacation rental and a hotel hinges on your priorities. Although cost isn’t the only factor, a vacation home can save on costs as well as offering a personalized and tailored experience for your Hawaiian adventure.


Click here to see the property highlighted in this article.

Holualoa is a charming town located on the slopes of Hualalai volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. While it is a small town, there are several activities and attractions that visitors can enjoy in and around Holualoa:

Here are a few of our favorite Holualoa Hawaii attractions:

Visit Art Galleries

 Holualoa is renowned for its vibrant arts community, and the town is home to several art galleries showcasing the work of local artists. Explore the numerous art galleries featuring local artists and their works. The town’s artistic atmosphere is a result of its rich coffee culture and the presence of talented residents.

Tropical plants taking over old home

  • Ipu Arts Plus: Specializing in gourd art, Ipu Arts Plus is a unique gallery that showcases the traditional Hawaiian art of crafting and decorating gourds. Visitors can find intricately designed pieces that reflect the rich cultural heritage of the islands.
  • Donkey Mill Art Center: While not a traditional gallery, the Donkey Mill Art Center is a community art space that often hosts exhibitions, workshops, and events. It’s a place where local artists and the community come together to celebrate and create art.
  • Holualoa Ukulele Gallery: This gallery combines art with music by featuring handmade ukuleles crafted by local artisans. Visitors can explore the gallery and appreciate the skill and craftsmanship that goes into making these traditional Hawaiian instruments.

Game table at Puuhonua o Honaunau

Coffee Farm Tours

Holualoa is part of the Kona Coffee Belt, and you can find several coffee farms in the area. Consider taking a coffee farm tour to learn about the coffee-making process, from cultivation to roasting. Some farms offer tastings where you can sample different varieties of Kona coffee.

  • Greenwell Farms: Greenwell Farms is one of the well-known coffee farms in the Kona region, including Holualoa. They offer guided tours that take visitors through the coffee orchards, processing facilities, and roasting areas. You can learn about the history of Kona coffee and the various stages of production. Free samples in the coffee shack!
  • Holualoa Kona Coffee Company: This family-owned coffee farm in Holualoa provides guided tours that offer insights into the cultivation, harvesting, and processing of Kona coffee. Visitors may also have the opportunity to taste different coffee varieties. Check the website to be sure tours are available on your dates.
  • Hula Daddy Kona Coffee: While not in Holualoa itself but relatively close, Hula Daddy Kona Coffee, located in Kailua-Kona, offers informative tours of their coffee farm. The tours cover the entire coffee-making process, from planting to roasting, and include tastings of their premium coffees.

More Holualoa Hawaii attractions in the area

Stroll through the historic Holualoa Village and enjoy its unique shops, boutiques, and restaurants. The town has a laid-back atmosphere, and it’s a great place to explore on foot.

  • Hiking and Nature: While not directly in Holualoa, the surrounding areas offer opportunities for hiking and exploring nature. Hualalai volcano has hiking trails, and the Holualoa area provides scenic views of the coastline.
  • Attend Events and Festivals: Check if there are any local events or festivals taking place during your visit. Holualoa often hosts community events that showcase the town’s culture and creativity.
  • Keauhou Bay: While not far from Holualoa, Keauhou Bay offers opportunities for water activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding. It’s a picturesque spot with historical significance.
  • Puuhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park: Located a bit further south, this historical park is worth a visit. It was a place of refuge in ancient times and offers a glimpse into Hawaiian history and culture.

Remember to check for any specific events or activities happening during your visit, as the town’s atmosphere can be influenced by local festivals and gatherings. Holualoa is a great destination for those seeking a mix of art, culture, and outdoor exploration on the Big Island of Hawaii.


Looking for a place near Holualoa to stay? Check out this beautiful home with 180-degree views of the ocean!

The history of Hawaii before it became a U.S. state is rich and diverse. Hawaiian history and culture reflects a complex interplay of Polynesian settlers, European contact, missionary influence, and geopolitical changes that ultimately led to its integration into the United States. The legacy of this history continues to shape the cultural, social, and political landscape of Hawaii today.

Hawai’i Island, also known as the Big Island, offers a variety of historical and cultural sites to explore. Here are some of the best historic and cultural sites to visit on Hawai’i Island:


Honokohau Beach at Sunset

Historic and Cultural Sites

  • Pu’uhonua o Hōnaunau National Historical Park (Place of Refuge):
    • This ancient Hawaiian site served as a place of refuge for lawbreakers, where they could seek absolution. The park features reconstructed temples, fishponds, and wooden images.
  • Hulihe’e Palace:
    • Located in Kailua-Kona, this palace was a vacation residence for Hawaiian royalty. Today, it serves as a museum showcasing Victorian artifacts and is surrounded by beautiful gardens.
  • Imiloa Astronomy Center:
    • Located in Hilo, this center combines astronomy with Hawaiian culture. It features interactive exhibits, a planetarium, and displays that explore the connections between traditional Hawaiian navigation and modern astronomy.
  • Akaka Falls State Park:
    • While the main attraction is the stunning Akaka Falls, the park also offers a pleasant walk through lush rainforest where you can find traditional Hawaiian plants and learn about the island’s flora.
  • Kaloko-Honokōhau National Historical Park:
    • This park preserves traditional Hawaiian culture and features fishponds, petroglyphs, and reconstructed ancient Hawaiian dwellings. It’s a great place to explore the island’s history and natural beauty.
    • This is also a great place to see Hawaiian Sea Turtles munching peacefully on algae.
  • Captain Cook Monument at Kealakekua Bay:
    • This monument marks the spot where Captain James Cook, the famous British explorer, was killed. The bay itself is a marine life conservation district and is excellent for snorkeling.
  • Lapakahi State Historical Park:
    • This park preserves an ancient Hawaiian fishing village, allowing visitors to see the remains of traditional houses, walls, and agricultural terraces. There’s a self-guided tour that provides insights into the daily life of the native Hawaiians.


Puʻuhonua O Hōnaunau National Historical Park


  • Pu’ukoholā Heiau National Historic Site:
    • This historic site features a massive stone temple built by King Kamehameha I in the late 18th century. It played a significant role in his quest to unite the Hawaiian Islands.
  • Mookini Luakini Heiau:
    • Located on the northern tip of the island, this ancient temple is one of the oldest and most significant on the island. It played a crucial role in early Hawaiian religion and is surrounded by a unique landscape.

Heiau, the ancient Hawaiian temples or sacred sites, hold significant cultural and spiritual importance. Climbing on heiau or engaging in any form of disrespect can be seen as culturally insensitive and disruptive to the spiritual energy of these places.

Step back in time to explore Hawaiian history and culture

Visitors to Hawaii, or any location with sacred sites, should be aware of and adhere to local cultural guidelines and practices. Many heiau are protected as historical and cultural sites, and it is important to treat them with reverence. Most sites have signs and guidelines indicating appropriate behavior, which often includes not climbing on the structures, removing rocks or artifacts, or engaging in any activities that could disturb the site.

Respecting the cultural heritage of a place contributes to the preservation of its history and allows visitors to appreciate the significance of these sites without causing harm or offense to the local community.

Check our blog for information about local events in the Kailua-Kona area.


Kailua-Kona, located on the beautiful Big Island of Hawai’i, is a vibrant and lively place with plenty of exciting events and activities happening throughout the year. In November, the town comes alive with a variety of holiday events as well as celebrating the local culture, arts, and natural beauty of the island. From the Kona Coffee Festival to Kokua Kailua Village Stroll there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So, if you’re planning a visit to Kailua-Kona in November, here’s a guide to what’s happening in our charming town.

Lanikai Beach Sunset in Hawaii
Highlighted Events in January


Don’t miss the Hawai’i Open Pickleball Championships

With Amateur and Pro divisions the championships on January 22-28 at Holua Resort will attract some great talent in this growing sport. Learn more about the event.  

January 14, 2024
Annual Martin Luther King Jr Celebration

This large community event will be held at Maka’eo Pavilion, Old Airport Beach Park, Kailua-Kona. There will be food, entertainment, speeches, and an art exhibit by local school children to honor the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. 

National Park Fee Free Day January 15
National Park Fee Free Day Honoring Martin Luther King’s Birthday. No entry fees to our national parks!

Senior Men’s PGA Tour, Jan 18-20

Senior Men’s PGA Tour Mitsubishi Electric Championship at Hualalai is January 18-20 at Hualalai Resort. Tickets will be available for purchase at the Spectator Village admissions gate (credit card only). Tickets cost $30 per day, or if you plan on attending multiple days you can save money by purchasing a 3-day pass for $50. Free Parking and Shuttle at the event


Ongoing Events

Kokua Kailua Village Stroll

Once a month, on Alii Drive near the Pier, the street is closed for the Kokua Kailua Village Stroll. From 1-6 pm, the street transforms into a bustling market with local vendors and artists’ booths. Explore the vibrant stalls, shop for unique crafts and souvenirs, and enjoy the festive atmosphere. Leashed dogs are also welcome, so feel free to bring your furry friends along for the stroll. This event is a perfect opportunity to support local businesses and artists while immersing yourself in the lively spirit of Kailua-Kona.

Free Hawaiian Music and Hula Show

Every Friday at Keauhou Shopping Center, you can enjoy a free Hawaiian music and hula show in the center courtyard from 6-7pm. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Hawai’i as talented musicians and graceful hula dancers take the stage. This weekly event is a fantastic opportunity to experience the beauty and artistry of traditional Hawaiian music and dance.

First Friday After Dark in Holualoa

On the first Friday of every month, the quaint village of Holualoa comes alive with a block party. From 5:30-8:30pm, locals and visitors gather to explore the town’s art galleries and boutiques, listen to live music, and indulge in gourmet “grab and go” food. This festive event is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the local art and culture scene while enjoying the warm hospitality of the community.


Kailua-Kona February Events

Just a teaser for February!

February 17-18 is Panaewa Stampede Rodeo in Hilo brings together the ranching community and spectators for an exciting two day event!

Febuary TBA, 2024
Celebrate the Year of the Dragon in Honoka’a! From 10am till 6pm, there will be a 100 foot dragon dance every hour on the hour, origami and Chinese lantern making, food vendors and more.

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KAILUA-KONA, October 30, 2023 — We are thrilled to announce that Kona Vacation Rentals has been honored with the prestigious 2023 Best of Kailua-Kona Award in the Vacation home rental agency category by the Kailua-Kona Award Program.

As one of the first vacation rental companies on the Kona Coast, established in 1986, Kona Vacation Rentals has a proven record of success. Our professional staff at KVR works tirelessly to optimize your valuable real estate investment, implementing strict rental policies, offering guest damage insurance, and ensuring guests sign our Reservation Agreement. We conduct thorough pre-arrival and post-departure inspections for each reservation to guarantee your property’s pristine condition after each guest’s stay. 

Family Owned and Operated

Kona Vacation Rentals is a family-owned and operated vacation rental company on the beautiful Kona Coast. We are three generations strong, having successfully managed properties on the Kona Coast since 1986. Our commitment to excellence and our deep-rooted experience and knowledge of the Kona Coast set us apart from many companies located on the mainland.

Aloha written in the sand

Our Commitment

We are truly honored to receive the 2023 Best of Kailua-Kona Award, and we believe this recognition is a testament to our unwavering dedication to our customers, our community, and our commitment to quality over quantity. We take great pride in enhancing the positive image of small businesses in the Kailua-Kona area through our services, contributing to making this region a wonderful place to live, work, and play.

The Kailua-Kona Award Program

The Kailua-Kona Award Program meticulously reviewed a variety of sources of information to select the winners in each category, focusing on quality, not quantity. This recognition highlights the exceptional marketing success achieved by local businesses in their community and business category.


At Kona Vacation Rentals, we view this award as a recognition of our ongoing efforts to provide top-notch service, maintain the integrity of our properties, and ensure the utmost satisfaction of our guests. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Kailua-Kona Award Program for this honor and to our dedicated team for their hard work and commitment.


As your property representative, we pledge to continue handling all aspects related to guest satisfaction, maintenance, and more, and to maintain the high standards that have earned us this prestigious award. We look forward to serving you and the Kona Coast community for many years to come. 

Contact us to find the perfect spot for your next vacation.