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Safe Travel Hawaii is Expiring!

Wonderful news! At midnight on March 25th the Safe Travels Hawaii Program is expiring for all domestic vacationers to Hawaii! What does this mean? That starting March 26, 2022 you can travel to Hawaii without filling out any online forms or codes, not having to show proof of vaccination or any pre-flight testing! Again this […]


Travel Updates for the Big Island/Hawaii

  There’s been a lot of rumors about changes to the Safe Travels Hawaii program (and travel updates for the Big Island/Hawaii overall) so we want to clear some things up. Thanks to decreasing case numbers and the islands good vaccinations rates the Governor has decided not to require boosters in order to be fully […]

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Welcome Back to Kona (Again!)

  Welcome back to Kona (Again!) As of today (Nov. 1st) Governor Inge has announced Hawaii is officially welcoming back all travelers! The Safe Travels Program continues as is throughout the end of the year at least. Though as numbers continue to go down (fingers crossed!) and vaccinations rates go up local restrictions will be […]

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Happy Fall from Hawaii!

Happy Fall from Hawaii! We are having some lovely beautiful fall days in Hawaii! And hoping for plenty more ahead along with lots of updates and better news to come! In case you are planning a trip to the island in the next several weeks as of this post the flying details remain unchanged from […]