Shave Ice, Ice Cream or Gelato? Kona has what you need!

Colorful Hawaiian Shave Ice

A few great Options for Shave Ice


Hawaiian Ice Cone: If you’re pondering which ice cream flavor to compliment your shave ice, make a beeline for Hawaiian Ice Cones and opt for ube ice cream. This unassuming kiosk in the Kopiko Plaza near Long’s Drug is a fantastic spot to indulge in shave ice, ice cream, or bubble tea. Don’t be deterred by the line—it’s a testament to the delicious treats awaiting you! 

Scandinavian Shave Ice: Scandi’s has been located on Ali’i Drive  in the heart of Kailua Village since 1991, Scandinavian Shave Ice is renowned for its authentic Hawaiian-style shave ice. They use natural fruit syrups and offer unique flavors like lilikoi (passion fruit) and haupia (coconut cream). The ice is finely shaved, making for a delightful treat. Described as the best shave ice in Hawaii, they offer generous portions at reasonable prices.

Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice: Located in the King Kamehameha Courtyard by Marriott, Ululani’s has expanded to Kona and offers delicious shave ice with a multitude of natural syrups and premium add-ons like mochi balls and ice cream. They’re known for their fluffy, finely shaved ice that melts in your mouth. For unique flavor try the Azuki bean for your ice cream

Original Big Island Shave Ice Company: If you’re in the Waikoloa Resort area try “OBISIC”. This place is located in the King’s Shops and offers a variety of shave ice options as well as amazing sundaes!. They have traditional Hawaiian flavors and also some unique combinations. Their ice cream on the bottom and snow cap on top makes for a perfect treat

Kat’s Kau Kau: If you’re having a beach day at Magic Sands Beach Park you can walk right across the street to the cute little food truck and enjoy Kat’s Kau Kau Shave Ice. The portions are shareable depending on how hungry you are! I’ve been hearing so much about their Lychee Cream that I’ll be trying that next time I go!

Colorful Hawaiian Shave Ice

Life is not just about Shave Ice

Gypsea Gelato is a popular gelato shop with three locations on the Big Island. Gypsea Gelato is known for its high-quality gelato made with many locally sourced ingredients. They offer a wide range of flavors made in small batches, including traditional favorites like chocolate and vanilla, as well as unique Hawaiian-inspired flavors such as lilikoi (passion fruit), macadamia nut, and Kona coffee. The local flavors give visitors a taste of Hawaii in every scoop. Gypsea Gelato is committed to supporting local farmers and producers by sourcing ingredients locally whenever possible, contributing to the island’s sustainable food ecosystem.

Pick from the list or commit to trying them all and enjoy your sweet adventures in Kona!

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