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Exclusive Discount for 7-Night Stays

Downtown Kona at Night

The Magic of Hawaii: Exclusive 5% Discount for 7-Night Stays 


Escape to the enchanting islands of Hawaii and make your dream vacation a reality! From now through January 2nd, we’re thrilled to offer an exclusive 5% discount on stays of 7 nights or more. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of adventure, the tranquility of beaches, or the rich cultural experiences Hawaii has to offer, this limited-time promotion is your ticket to paradise.

Downtown Kona at Night

Exclusive 5% Discount with Code NY24:

To sweeten the deal, use code NY24 at checkout to enjoy a 5% discount on your extended stay. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a solo adventure, this offer is applicable to all accommodation types. Indulge in luxury resorts, charming beachfront cottages, or cozy bed and breakfasts – the choice is yours. This promotion excludes the holiday season and Iron Man Week, ensuring you have the flexibility to plan your escape during the ideal time for you.

Aloha Spirit and Cultural Experiences:

Beyond its breathtaking landscapes, Hawaii is known for its warm Aloha spirit and rich cultural heritage. Attend a traditional hula dance performance, savor authentic Hawaiian cuisine, or explore historical sites that tell the story of the islands. Engage with the locals and embrace the welcoming atmosphere that sets Hawaii apart as a destination where relaxation meets cultural immersion.

How to Redeem:

Booking your Hawaiian adventure is simple. Visit our website, choose your desired accommodation, and enter code NY24 at checkout to unlock your 5% discount. Be sure to plan your stay for 7 nights or more to take full advantage of this limited-time offer. Act fast – the promotion is valid only until January 2nd.

Book now and embark on a journey filled with relaxation, adventure, and the true spirit of Aloha.