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Oceanfront Pool - Vacation Rental in Kona, Hawaii

No matter the size of group or your needs, we have a place for you at Kona Vacation Rentals. Our diverse range of accommodations, from cozy condos to spacious beachfront villas, ensures that we can cater to families of all sizes and preferences. Whether you’re planning an intimate getaway for two, a family reunion, or a group adventure, our properties offer comfort, convenience, and the perfect home base for your Hawaiian holiday. With our commitment to providing personalized service and a variety of options, we’re dedicated to making your stay in Kona, Hawaii, truly unforgettable.

Oceanfront Pool - Vacation Rental in Kona, HawaiiLuxury Accommodations

Looking for luxury accommodations for a special occasion? At Kona Vacation Rentals we offer some of the most beautiful and unique, luxury beach homes in Kona. We are sure to have a home with all the features and amenities you are looking for and expect from a luxury home

Ocean View from the Lounge ChairsOcean-View

Do you want to be lulled to sleep by the sounds of the ocean? We have ocean-view private balconies so you can enjoy the panoramic ocean views and the beautiful Kona Sunset. 

Golf Course View

Will you be getting in some golf during your visit? There are 10 golf courses within 15 miles of Kona but why not stay right on the course. Take a look at some of our golf course view condos.

Golf Course near Kona Rentals

Planning ahead for the holidays by booking your Hawaii vacation well in advance is a great idea, especially considering that winter is a popular time to visit Hawaii. Here are some advantages and tips for booking your Hawaii vacation early:


Winter is a peak tourist season in Hawaii, as many travelers visit the islands to escape the winter cold. By booking early, you increase your chances of securing accommodation, flights, and activities at your preferred dates and locations.

Cost Savings: 

Booking in advance often allows you to take advantage of early-bird discounts and special offers. Prices for flights and accommodations tend to rise as the holiday season approaches, so booking ahead can help you lock in lower rates.

Flexible Options: 

Early booking provides more flexibility in terms of choice. You can explore a wider range of accommodations, from luxury resorts to budget-friendly options, and choose the one that suits your preferences and budget.

Peace of Mind: 

Knowing that your holiday plans are in place can reduce stress and allow you to look forward to your trip with excitement. You won’t have to worry about last-minute availability issues.

Flight Options: 

Booking early gives you access to a broader selection of flight options, including nonstop routes and better seat choices. It can also help you secure the best deals on airfare.

Holiday Activities: 

Hawaii offers a plethora of activities and excursions, from snorkeling and hiking to luaus and cultural experiences. Booking in advance ensures you can reserve your preferred activities and tours, especially those that tend to sell out quickly during the holiday season. We love the Go Hawai’i events calendar for planning activities.

Family Gatherings: 

If you plan to spend the holidays with family or friends in Hawaii, early booking allows everyone to coordinate their travel schedules, ensuring that you can all be together for special celebrations.

Remember that winter is a busy time in Hawaii, so it’s essential to plan ahead and make reservations as early as possible to ensure a smooth and enjoyable holiday vacation. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach getaway or an adventure-filled Hawaiian experience, booking in advance can help you make the most of your time in paradise.