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Wonderful news! At midnight on March 25th the Safe Travels Hawaii Program is expiring for all domestic vacationers to Hawaii!

What does this mean?

That starting March 26, 2022 you can travel to Hawaii without filling out any online forms or codes, not having to show proof of vaccination or any pre-flight testing! Again this is for DOMESTIC flights (at this time). International travelers must still follow the federal guidelines. But the situation is always fluid and moving so we will keep you updated.

Again anyone traveling to Hawaii starting on March 26th from the mainland on a domestic flight will no longer have any travel requirements to fulfill!

Just in time for a beautiful Spring and Summer on the Island 🙂


Kona Sunset


There’s been a lot of rumors about changes to the Safe Travels Hawaii program (and travel updates for the Big Island/Hawaii overall) so we want to clear some things up.

Thanks to decreasing case numbers and the islands good vaccinations rates the Governor has decided not to require boosters in order to be fully vaccinated/up to date as was being discussed. Basically nothing changes in that regard. When traveling to Hawaii you need to upload your vaccination papers to the Travel Hawaii Website or provide a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours of your flight. This is all to avoid the 5-day quarantine.

On the island be respectful of the local businesses and the rules they have in place!

There are some rumors that if things continuing going as they are (fingers crossed!) even more restrictions and perhaps the program as a whole will be set aside by Spring but for now the Safe Travel Program is still in effect. We’ve come to learn that the easiest, best way to travel is to make sure you follow the instructions on the site and take care of everything before you get on the plane!

We will keep you updated as travel updates for the Big Island and Hawaii change! We hope to see you on the island soon… As always safe travels!




Welcome Back to Kona (Again!)


Welcome back to Kona (Again!)

As of today (Nov. 1st) Governor Inge has announced Hawaii is officially welcoming back all travelers!

The Safe Travels Program continues as is throughout the end of the year at least. Though as numbers continue to go down (fingers crossed!) and vaccinations rates go up local restrictions will be dropped.  

Make sure to keep an eye on your destination and as always please be respectful of the local businesses rules.

On November 8th the United States is lifting some of the most severe International Travel restrictions that were put in place. There are many caveats to that one including which vaccines countries are using and as you know these things change fast… so definitely look into that based on what country you wish to travel from. You can also reach out to us directly through phone or email and we can help you find the most current and up to date information.

This is an especially beautiful time of year in Kona and the holidays always make for a great and peaceful time to visit the island! We look forward to seeing you again and celebrating as recovery continues and we hope for (even better) times ahead!


Happy Fall from Hawaii!

fall weather forecast in Kona, Hawaii

We are having some lovely beautiful fall days in Hawaii! And hoping for plenty more ahead along with lots of updates and better news to come!

Kona Hawaii fall weather forecast

In case you are planning a trip to the island in the next several weeks as of this post the flying details remain unchanged from the July 15th information. On Kona places are open though we as always ask that you follow any requests the businesses and vacation complexes themselves might make with respect. Hopefully as things continue to improve (fingers crossed!) there will be better and better news ahead!

*Weather Predictions curtesy of https://www.accuweather.com


We’ve had some excellent news travelers and want to be travelers COVID travel restrictions continue to drop!

As of July 8th Hawaii is allowing all travelers VACCINATED in the United States (and territories) to travel without the pre-travel COVID test or any quarantine!  It’s another step in returning to normal.

Now you will need to upload proof of vaccination to the Hawaii Safe Travels Website and keep a physical card on you but hopefully this will alleviate some of the travel stress. As well as this news COVID travel restrictions continue to drop around the islands including restaurants being allowed to move up to 75% capacity and increasing numbers of people allowed to gather!

If you are not vaccinated by the time of your trip you will still need to take the test and follow those COVID procedures.

The goal is once Hawaii reaches 70% vaccinated on the island for all travel restrictions to drop. Currently that number is around 57%…. we are so close!

travel to Hawaii

As of November 15 the Big Island has been open and welcoming travelers back for a month! With a months hindsight we want to answer some questions about what traveling to Hawaii is like in the time of COVID.


So far we haven’t had any issues with our travelers not having their tests on time or being accepted. (Knock on wood!) Gauging how long it takes at the airport, of course, depends on crowds so it’s impossible to say for sure. But taking into account not only time for the test but also the usual baggage claim, car rental, etc its estimated at 2 hours at most. But like we said it’s dependent on days, times and crowds!

It’s a huge help to have all required travel forms completed prior to your arrival! All the forms and relevant information can be found at Safe Travels Hawaii.



We are required to notify each complex of arrivals and departures so ask that you keep us informed of your flight info prior to arrival. If you are looking for further information on the complexes, resorts or local business we can answer any questions or put you in touch with the right people.

Also we have noted some airlines are cancelling flights. We can be flexible with your dates and if you need to subtract or add days to make the flight work out we can work with you, just make sure you keep in touch so we can accommodate your changes as best we can.



Traveling to Hawaii in the time of COVID does mean following all the local travel regulations. While the islands are open this is definitely an important part of allowing tourism to continue and keeping everyone healthy and safe. We ask that you socially distance while out and about and follow the local mask mandates and any business rules they ask you to adhere to.



As we know very well things remain up in the air and ever changing we remain flexible on cancellation policies as well as reservation deposits, credits and date changes.


Please call or email for more information or if you have any further questions about travel to Kona.




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