08/16/2018 la2island Kona Tips | Vacation Adventures

Ironman is Coming! We mean of course the famous triathlon! The event takes place on Kona every year. Mark your calendars for October 13, 2018 & book soon if you’re planning to attend the event because it’s the biggest event of the year! The island fills up fast! Stay turned for more information.   *Photo…

07/04/2018 la2island Local Area

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!   We at Kona Rentals hope everyone has a fun, relaxing & safe holiday!

05/16/2018 la2island Vacation Adventures

Kilauea Volcano has of course been in the news recently. Kilauea is one of the 5 volcanoes that make up the island of Hawaii. It’s classified as a shield volcano and is considered one of the most active volcanoes period. The name actually means spewing and has been almost constant since 1983. It is said…

04/29/2018 la2island Kona Tips | Vacation Adventures

  Don’t forget to check out our featured properties page! Not only can you find great places to stay for your Kona Trip but you can see properties we’re offering special rates or limited window booking deals on…     And- like the gorgeous Dolphin House you can find the newest properties to Kona Rentals!

04/21/2018 la2island Kona Tips

Below are some tips of what to bring extra of on your Kona Vacation- oh, you can get everything on island but you’ll be having so much fun you probably won’t want to stop!

04/11/2018 la2island Kona Tips | Vacation Adventures

There are a multitude of adventures to have in Kona and on the Big Island: Take a submarine tour Coffee Tours Historical Landmarks Waterfalls Volcano Tours (Adventures with Lava!) Biking, Hiking, Segue Waying, Flying Private & Group Tours Dolphin Experiences Whales Mantas Whatever the Kona Coast provides we’ve got a tour for you! 🙂 You…